Style of the Day :: The Walking Dead Meets Game of Thrones


One of my favorite ways to relax is watching tv shows, which who am I kidding,  I get more excited from inspirations than actually relax!  So for this week,  I am definitely inspired by two shows I love, "The Walking Dead" and "Game of Thrones."  My best seller is the post apocalyptic neckerchief.  If zombies from the walking dead need a stylish accessory, here it is!  The top is a leather tunic style piece which is an awesome wearable inspiration from the Game of Thrones show.  Because the top half has so many textures and details, keep it simple and clean on the bottom.  So I've added a pair of beautiful a-line shorts with hosiery that has a vertical line to give length to the look and finish it off with some killer boots.

Buy your neckerchief now! (only 3 left)

1.  neckerchief by Sumie Tachibana, 2.  top by Tsolo Munkh, 3.  shorts by Balenciaga, 4.  hosiery by AF Vandervorst, 5.  boots by Giorgio Armani



Sumie Tachibana


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