Posted: Oct 18 2013
by: Sumie Tachibana

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Style of the Day :: Party Dress



Today's look is inspired by my birthday celebration!  If there is any time to dress up, it's definitely on birthdays.  For this look, I've put together a great variety of black textured pieces, my specialty!  Start the look off with a textured oversized scarflette with a high waisted mesh skirt.  The accessories all have interesting textures that compliment the wears.  The earrings are razor sharp assymmetrical triangles full of bling.  The bracelet and the boots have an armor-like strong feel.  And finally the clutch is a bonus with interesting ringlet textures.

Shop here for the oversized scarflette.  Please contact us for the price on the high waisted skirt.

1.  oversized scarflette by Sumie Tachibana, 2.  earrings by Jack Vartanian, 3.  bracelet by Sydney Garber, 4.  clutch by Bottega Veneta, 5.  skirt by Sumie Tachibana, 6.  boots by Vionnet

 Sumie Tachibana


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