Style of the Day featuring the Peppered Spiked Neckerchief


Men of Los Angeles, winter is just around the corner! With temperatures ranging from low 50’s to mid 70’s, you may not feel the need for a parka, but you’ll definitely need something for the cool, breezy days. Avoid hiding your fashion sense in sweatshirts, oversized jackets, and mainstream scarves. Spice up your look with genuine leather jackets and suede boots to keep you warm through the chilly days. But don’t stop there. Add a touch of “rock" with the Peppered Spiked Neckerchief by Sumie Tachibana!

This neckerchief will guarantee to others that you are a man that knows how to dress while still keeping you stylishly warm. The peppered virgin wool gives a masculine sophistication and the black wool nylon blend lining rests smoothly against your neck. Nine metal spikes line the edge of this neckerchief and accentuate your rebel-like, “stand off” appeal. Wearing this accessory is quite easy too! Just attach the hand-sewn snaps around your neck, and you’re ready to go!

Don’t get caught without the Peppered Spiked Neckerchief this Fall/Winter. Purchase this neckpiece or other neck accessories at


-Shenita McQueen at Sumie Tachibana-

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