Style of the Day by Shenita McQueen featuring the Black and Grey Tote


The year is 1944. L.L. Bean’s tote bag hit the nation and people everywhere are infatuated with the bag that is sturdy, easy to care for and easy to carry! Jump to the 21st century and you can’t go into a store without finding a tote bag. A heavy canvas is dyed, a print is pressed on, and millions of people are in love with the look. But if you want a bag that is all yours, sturdy, and fashionable, the Black and Grey Tote Bag by Sumie Tachibana is what you’re looking for.

Sumie Tachibana’s tote bag, unlike many other totes, features multiple fabrics – many that you would image on your body. This one in particular features a black cotton chenille. Imagine a corduroy-like blazer molded and sewn into a purse and you have Sumie Tachibana’s bag. But it doesn’t stop there. This bag gives a contrasting gray linen panel. Typically, you’d see this material as a Marc Jacobs’s quality handbag, never as an accent - at least not until now. To finish off this extra-ordinary tote, it is fully lined and strapped with thick nylon straps to ensure a long-lasting item. And did I mention this bag was one of a kind? Where else would you find a designer tote bag with quality fabrics that no one else has? Finding one is almost impossible but rest assure, you’ll have bag lovers jealous of your black and grey tote.


Whether you buy tote bags for the convenience of care and ease of carrying like our 1940’s travellers or you buy them for the design, you can’t pass up this one of a kind-designer tote by Sumie Tachibana. Get this bag or many more today on



-Shenita McQueen at Sumie Tachibana-

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