The Cross Scarflette: Male and Female Friendly.

Not many accessories in our fashion world can cross over the male and female market and equally appeal to both parties. However, Sumie Tachibana’s cross scarflette from the Fall/Winter 2013 Bound Collection can and will prove that theory wrong!

Many men strive to impress the ladies with their “tough guy" appeal but few know how to achieve it perfectly. Fellas, throw on your leather jacket, roll the cuff of your dark wash jeans, and put on your combats boots to bring out your James Dean alter ego. But don’t stop there! Tie this look together with Sumie Tachibana’s Cross Scarflette. Not only will this accessory keep you warm but this avant-garde style scarf will prove that you’re a man that knows how to accessorize, which is sure to attract the ladies.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have women who are constantly plucking, trimming, and doing anything possible to look their best. However, we don’t always want to put the extra effort into looking “top-notch." Take a break from your everyday look and relax in leggings paired with a gray cardigan, studded combat boots, and finished with the cross scarflette. This is great for the on-the-go college student who’s trying to stay warm on the walk through campus. Though this look may be simple, it will certainly bring you the edgy, rocker girl you desire.

Sumie Tachibana’s Cross Scarflette may cross over between the male and female market, but you may be asking yourself what’s so special. For starters, this scarflette is made from italian wool gauze, wool flannel, and completely lined with a cotton knit jersey. The typical idea of wool is an itchy fabric that you wouldn’t be caught dead in, but Sumie Tachibana’s wool scarflette is one you’ll want to be buried in! These fabrics are soft on your skin and made sure you’ll never want to remove this accessory. The Cross scarflette is also finished with gun snap closures that allows for multiple looks that appeals to both sexes. 

Whether you’re buying this for yourself or for someone else, (regardless of their gender!), be the first to get this look and many more at Church Boutique located in West Hollywood and this fall!


-Shenita McQueen at Sumie Tachibana-

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