Top 5 Reasons why Sumie Tachibana accessories are a must have!


  1. Every Accessory is hand-crafted.
    In today’s world, not many designers take time to check each item - especially accessories - to make sure that their buyers will be satisfied to the fullest.  However, Sumie Tachibana and her team hand finishes accessories leaving you without the discrepancies that are sometimes left on mass produced items.  Not to mention, all products are made in Los Angeles, California.

  2. Balance is key.
    Sumie Tachibana’s specialty is to achieve balance in asymmetrical designs.  With a mix of horizontal and vertical pleats or panels encasing the garment, details are thoroughly thought out for each item allowing for a bold and complex design. 

  3. Simple doesn’t always mean better.
    A common myth in fashion is “the simpler, the better.”  Sumie Tachibana accessories challenge that belief by embellishing sometimes up to 6 different fabrics on one piece.  Not many individuals can say they own a single scarf that includes silk organza, leather, ribbed knit, printed wool challis, cotton trim and  finished with snap closures!

  4. Uniqueness is in.
    Why blend in with everyone else?  Many accessories by Sumie Tachibana are one-of-a-kind.  You can let your bold side step out and have everyone jealous of your unique designer accessory.

  5. It goes with many looks!
    Whether you’re in jeans and a t-shirt for a quick shopping trip, or working as a bank teller during the day, your style will be flawless. 

Purchase Sumie Tachibana accessories at Church Boutique located in West Hollywood, California or on And for a more economical, eco-friendly alternative, purchase accessories at


-Shenita McQueen at Sumie Tachibana-

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