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My friends that created "Hitting Rock Bottom" need your help.  Please show your support and donate!


About Us and the Project

My name is Corey Snyder, the creator of Hitting Rock Bottom, a docudrama about addiction and recovery.

I am also a recovering alcoholic, five years sober. I've been a filmmaker for many years, and to date "Hitting Rock Bottom" is the most important project I've done, or perhaps will ever do. It is not only personal to me but universally relevant as there are millions of us out there struggling with one form of addiction or another, and millions more who are being affected by a loved one's addiction.

As a storyteller, I wanted to bring to life the kind of stories that helped me so much in my own recovery, and tell them with the honesty and dignity they deserve. Every "Hitting Rock Bottom" story is dramatic but hopeful, as the fall of the hero is inevitable he also must get back on his feet. The story ends on a high note, even if we can’t always see it coming. Through this show, we want to reach as many as we can with the message of hope.

Using our own savings, my producer JJ Ko and I shot the first half of the story of "Darryl Brown," who in the 80's got swept up in the crack epidemic. The first four episodes of "Darryl" can be seen on our website

Please watch Darryl's story, make a pledge, and help us help others. 

Our Fundraising Goal

Our aim is to raise our full production budget - $57,500 - to shoot the second half of "Darryl" at the same level of quality we shot the first half.

The bulk of the funds raised will pay for the cast and crew. We cannot afford their normal day rate but we would like to pay them something. They are working artists and professionals whose talents and skills we value.

We also need to rent equipment, pay location fees, design the production set, secure props, wardrobe, make-up. Believe it or not, make-up will be a significant cost in the second half as we need to make a lot of people look like junkies. Sorry to burst your bubbles, but it's all done by make-up (and good acting, too!).

Why Donate?

"Hitting Rock Bottom" is unique - it tells the whole story of a person's journey through the struggle, the fall, and triumph over the addiction against all odds. It is the ultimate success story and a celebration of life, but it also makes no apologies for the gritty truth of the circumstance and consequences of addiction. No other show does this. 

But "Hitting Rock Bottom" is more than just stories, it is a message. Getting sober, and staying that way, is a real triumph. No matter where we are in life, or what we are struggling with, there is help and hope for all of us.

Donate because you think it's a quality show. Donate because you believe in our mission. Donate because you want to help people.

What If?

If we don't meet our goal, we will use the funds raised to make one episode at a time, and keep going until we can finish the project. Whatever it takes. But we CANNOT do this without you. We do not only need your dollars but your voices to spread the word about our project and fundraising campaign.

If you are not able to contribute financially, you can definitely help us spread the word, which is just as important to us. Follow us on social media, share our posts with your friends. Watch the first four episodes of "Darryl," and invite your friends to watch them too.


Twitter:  Also, see the chatter on #hrbshow



Want to Make a Difference?

Absolutely and positively!! 

During our outreach, we discovered a community of recovery advocates, bloggers, and supporters. Celebrities are beginning to speak up for sobriety. And we are doing our part. Hitting Rock Bottom is not only Darryl's story, these are the stories of our brothers, our children, our parents, our friends, and our neighbors. 

This show is not just another project for us, it is our life's mission - to tell these stories and help people find their way to recovery. WE WANT YOU to be a part of this collective, resounding voice that says YES to sobriety, YES to life!

Budget Breakdown

$19,000 - location, transportation, props, rented gear, food, and insurance

$3,750 - production management team

$2,500 - location department

$3,750 - camera department

$4,000 - light department

$2,500 - audio department

$3,750 - art department

$6,250 - hair, make-up, wardrobe department

$12,000 - talent

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