Style of the Day: The Black Hooded Caplet



Imagine yourself strolling through the city as your “perfect night” is coming to an end. You had an exquisite dinner at the finest restaurant with a violinist softly serenading you with Bellini, a chilled red wine followed by a performance of Wolfgang’s “The Magic Flute” at the locale Opera House. The scenery is perfect. The cobblestone streets glisten from the light rain earlier that night, the street lights dimly illuminate the local store fronts, and a horse-drawn carriage is taking you through Central Park. It’s the perfect moment that’s only seen in movies. But one question is at hand; What are you wearing? Maybe it is the “little black dress” every woman has in her closet, or maybe it’s a sleek, elaborate gown showcasing your figure. Whichever you find yourself dressed in, you’ll need something just as elegant and beautiful as your dress to keep you warm during your flawless night. Stray away from your date’s tuxedo jacket and dress yourself in Sumie Tachibana’s hooded caplet.

The black novelty silk taffeta will drape your body with it’s soft, sleek, satin lining making your look absolutely breathtaking. To enhance your appearance, this piece is also accented with a raised polyester lace on the bottom panel. A velvet trim encompasses the hood and falls to the front of the caplet giving you the ability to add a hint of innocence with a tied bow. Last but not least, this caplet has a snap closure made of a silver, ornate metal button. And just when you think this elaborate hooded caplet has everything, you notice the special straight collar adding just another touch of class.

Don’t ruin your perfect night and appearance with just a department store shawl. Garnish yourself with the best! Try a Sumie Tachibana hooded caplet before they’re gone. Available exclusively on at a special discounted price.

-Shenita McQueen at Sumie Tachibana-

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