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Sumie Tachibana

Black Lace and Velvet Neck Ruff Choker

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Black Lace and Velvet Neck Ruff Choker

This is a beautiful and unique one of a kind neck choker piece made from a layer of moire taffeta trim and French lace trim, topstitched with a soft velvet trim.  The ties are made from silk satin with real lambskin ends.

Size: One size (This is a tie back, so it should fit all standard neck sizes.)
Gathered main part is 13 inches width x 2.75 height
Each tie is 25 inches long

Materials: 100% polyester moire trim, French lace trim, velvet trim, 100% silk trim, real lambskin
Color: black

Care Instruction:
hand spot cleaning with room temperature water and clear or white soap, or dry clean

Note: While colors are matched as close as possible with a calibrated monitor, colors from the images may vary depending on individual computer screens.