Posted: Sep 20 2013
by: Sumie Tachibana

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Style of the Day :: How to Wear a Cape

For today's style of the day, I want to show you how you can wear a cape without feeling like you are wearing a costume.

These days I think most of us have at least one little black dress in our closet.  If not, pick something that is not too busy and has a fitted top.  The bottom can be slightly flared like this one, or it can be fitted.  But stay away from a full flare because the flare already comes from the cape.  You don't want to look like you are wearing two skirts on your top and bottom!  My suggestion is let the cape blend in with the look.  Especially if you are a beginner cape wearer, don't let the cape be the "it" piece in your outfit.  You'll end up feeling too self conscious and not wear the cape, but the cape wearing you.  

I would also recommend keeping the entire color scheme unified, for example all black like in this look, and then use one accessory as the "it" piece by having a really different style or color from the rest of the look.  In this case, I used the Alexander McQueen gold clutch as the "it" piece.  You can also make the "it" piece colored leggings, bright red patent shoes, anything, but the cape.  Then the cape blends in nicely and quietly to complete the look.

For the more adventurous ladies, if you want to wear the cape as an "it" piece, stay tuned for next week!

You can purchase this cape at: Felinus

Sumie Tachibana


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